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BD Penlet

BD's expertise and leadership in insulin delivery have brought BD Pharmaceutical Systems to develop a variety of self-injection devices. Designed to respond to Patients' expectations for greater autonomy and freedom and Healthcare Payers's needs for reduced overall treatment costs, our broad range of self-injection devices meets also the needs of Pharmaceutical Companies by providing entry into an emerging, but fast-growing market. In a changing pharmaceutical environment, our extensive self-injection and device know-how provides a safe and easy approach to home treatment.
The ongoing development and market introductions of new drugs requiring self-injection have increased the need for more advanced and patient-friendly injection devices. In addition to BD Auto-Injector, BD Pharmaceutical Systems offers complementary auto-injecting devices which are designed for subcutaneous administration of parenteral drugs by the patients themselves.

Self-Injection Devices - BD Penlet

BD Pharmaceutical Systems has developed an extensive portfolio of auto-injecting pens which are tailored to each specific need: fixed dose or variable dose, single or multiple dose, disposable or reusable medical devices, short/medium or long term treatments, etc. There is a pen for everything! All applications and active substances for subcutaneous administration may thus be used with the most complete and comprehensive range of self-injection devices on the market. We offer the latest state-of-the-art and distinguishing features such as hidden needle, automatic skin penetration and automatic dose delivery.

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